Artwork from around the world

saa 1
Last year the Society for All Artists (SAA) issued a challenge to its 45,000-plus members across 57 countries, inviting them to go for a world record collection of pieces of art…

The result was a staggering 32,283 pieces of artwork, each one about the size of a business card, which if you laid them end to end would stretch for 2.87 kilometres!

On this weekend’s show, the Girls Around Town’s very own Tina Bettison (herself one of those thousands of members) will be talking to the SAA’s Richard Hope Hawkins about the mammoth task of putting them all together into a record-breaking exhibition and how you can get to see it.

A membership organisation for amateur and professional artists and arts clubs, the SAA was formed in 1992 and is based right here on Newark’s Brunel Drive.

Tune in or listen online between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday when Richard joins June and Tina in the studio to explain how and why it all began, the services it provides for members and the open days and other things it gets up to.

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