Get more of what you want – more often

cosmic orderingNot surprisingly, one of the topics on last week’s show was New Year’s resolutions, which prompted Tina to talk about Cosmic Ordering.

Have you ever had that experience where you’ve been thinking about getting in touch with someone and then the phone rings and it’s them? Or you decide you want something and it turns up seemingly out of the blue?

Maybe, like Tina, you’ve written down the specific attributes that you want in something such as a new home, only to realise sometime later that your wishes were actually fulfilled right down to the last detail?

Well, that’s cosmic ordering! Although it’s a concept which has been around for as long as humanity, the term for this version of positive thinking was first used in 1995 by German journalist Bärbel Mohr, to describe the process of identifying something you want or need in your life, becoming clear and specific about what it is and then ‘placing’ the order with the cosmos.

Find out more this week when Ellen Watts, author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easier, joins the Girls Around Town to explain what it is, what it isn’t and what prompted her to write a book on the subject…

She’ll also share some of her stories of cosmic orders, a process for placing your own and the importance of adding ‘for the good of all concerned’ at the end of every one.

Tune in on Sunday from 10am till 12 noon or listen online to discover how changing your mindset and calling on the cosmos can help you get more of what you want – more often!

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