Strictly entre nous

Cloud 3It’s back and everybody’s talking about it – including June, Tina and Sue – the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing has us all glued to the TV every weekend…

There’s still a long way to go but which celeb gets your vote so far? What do you reckon – after scoring the first ‘perfect 10’ of the series last Saturday, will Jay from The Wanted be bringing the trophy home to Newark?

Find out what this week’s guests Dean Skiba and Christina Philips think about the programme when they join the Girls Around Town on the show this Saturday.

They’ll be sharing their views on who’s hot and who’s not, as well as talking about their own backgrounds as dancers and choreographers and their classes aimed at getting us all tapping and twirling on the dance floor…

Tune in or listen online from 10am till 1pm to get the lowdown from Dean, Christina and the girls. Then make sure you’re watching BBC1 after 6pm to see if you agree with their verdicts!

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