Mum’s the word

the mothering revolutionWe all have a mother. Some, but not all of us, are mothers.

Tune in on Saturday and by the end of the show your understanding of ‘mothering’ may be totally changed…

Jackie Walker founded The Mothering Revolution earlier this year. She’ll be joining June, Tina and Sue this week to explain what it’s all about and why you don’t have to be a mother to join this growing community of women who value gratitude, acceptance and responsibility.

She’ll also be talking about her decision to become a nomad, having recently taken the brave step of being ‘of no fixed abode’ for at least the next six months. Find out what it’s been like for her so far, living out of a suitcase…

Jackie will be in the studio shortly after 11am but don’t wait till then to tune in. In the first hour, the girls will be chatting to Judith Allnatt, one of the authors featured at the Books in the Castle festival next month, about her Writers’ Workshops and her new book The Silk Factory.

All this and more from 10am till 1pm on 107.8FM or online with the Girls Around Town

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