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lisa's stilton with spiced plums 2Lisa Holloway from Compton House in Newark is definitely one of our favourite people – and her lovely B&B on Barnbygate is firmly positioned at the top of the list of our favourite places!

If you’ve met her, read her regular Food & Drink column in Around Town, stayed in the B&B or enjoyed one of her yummy meals, you’ll understand why she won the AA’s award for Friendliest Landlady of the Year and has a host of other awards too, including their Breakast and Dinner Awards for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

This picture popped up on her Facebook page today – Spicy Cheesy Plums made with local Stilton, a fantastic savoury/sweet way to end a meal.

Here’s the recipe, from her blog…

Using about 2lbs plums, poach in some mulled wine with a few extra spices thrown in – I used some cloves, cinnamon and finely sliced stem ginger, also pouring a little of the ginger syrup in. Add some brown sugar and poach until the plums are cooked. carefully take the plums out and lay in a dish, then rapidly boil the spiced mulled wine until it is reduced to a thicker syrup.

Try and take the cloves out (!) then, while it is still warm, put some plums and syrup into a flat bowl and carefully lay a thin slice of Stilton over the top, so it begins to melt. The saltiness of the cheese with the sweetness of the plums is divine.


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