Newark Book Festival’s youngest published author

It’s not unusual to hear someone say “One day I’m going to write a book”…

But how often do you hear an eight-year old say “I’m going to write a book this year” and actually make good on the promise? Well, if you were listening to the show this morning, you’ll have heard the Girls Around Town talking to Harriet Scrase-Hollamby, who said and did just that!

Now 12 years old – and soon to turn 13, as she was quick to point out! – Harriet was sitting with her mum making up stories and writing even before she started school. In January 2013, she told her parents she was going to write her first book that year – the result was Granny, Mummy and Me : Trouble at the Barn and it wasn’t long before the sequel, The Rescue, followed.

Illustrated by Rebecca Fane, the stories feature the adventures of fun-loving Hattie and her Granny. A crime-solving double act who prove that the best heroes are ordinary people who find ways through extraordinary situations, they set out to show that no problem is too great when you stick together.

Sometimes the best children’s storytellers are children themselves – Harriet Hollamby is proof of this fact – Paul McGee

The youngest published author taking part in this year’s Newark Book Festival, Harriet has already started work on her third book – a stand-alone title aimed at an older, teenage audience – and when you reach the end of The Rescue, you’ll see she has big plans for the Granny, Mummy and Me series too, with four more adventures to come.

Her first two books are available to download on Amazon or you can email Harriet direct at to buy them in paperback. And with a percentage of the proceeds on all sales donated to charity, you’ll be helping this enterprising young writer support local good causes too.

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