Fabulous after 40

it's not the yearsWho says women can’t be fabulous – personally, professionally or both – once they’ve passed the two-score mark? That they should just accept the fact that the best is well and truly behind them and give in gracefully to a life less visible?

There IS life after 40 – and even after 50 or 60! – and if you need proof, then just consider this…

Tina was in her 40s when she discovered an exciting new outlet for her creativity in BeLOVEd – Sue was in her 40s too, when she not only started a new career in IT but also first found her radio voice – and June was on the wrong side of 50 when she decided to take up weight training and she’s still going strong!

But they’re not alone in breaking new ground at a time when they’ve become what the French so charmingly call femmes d’un certain age – a much nicer description than middle-aged or even worse, don’t you think?

On the show, in networking groups or just out and about, the Girls Around Town have met a steady stream of kindred souls who prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not the YEARS in your life that count, it’s the LIFE in your years

fabulous at 40And now they’re on a mission to find and feature even more local ladies who’ve shown that it really is never too late to take on new challenges.

Have you found your fabulous after 40? Or perhaps you know someone who has?

Whether it’s a major lifestyle change, a completely new career or a hobby you’d never considered before, the Girls Around Town want to hear from you and share your stories with their listeners.

Getting in touch couldn’t be easier – just follow this link and choose the way that’s best for you. June, Tina or Sue will get back to you right away and you – or the friend or family member you’ve suggested – could be joining them in the studio one Sunday morning soon…


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