Annie gets set to splash for cash

annie turnerIf you listen to Radio Newark between 7pm and 9pm on Mondays, you’ll be familiar with the voice – and the musical tastes – of Annie Turner.

Presenter of The Outer Limits, she’s a little bit wacky. Which probably explains at least in part why she’s getting ready to splash for cash later this year…

On Saturday 3 October she’ll be down in Tooting Bec, swimming back and forth in an outdoor pool – and she won’t be stopping till she’s reached her target of 2 kilometres!

annie's just givingAnnie’s favourite film is Jaws but luckily there won’t be any sharks spurring her on. The only reason she’ll be going to such great lengths to get there will be to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan Cancer Care.

“I’m doing this for everyone who gets cancer,” she says. “But mostly it’s for two very special people, my father-in-law Roger and my friend and former boss Ben.”

Roger was diagnosed with myeloma two years ago and went from being a very active retired fellow to not being able to even drive his own car.

“After enduring cycles of chemo, stem cell treatments and a lot of very nasty drugs, he’s now on top of it. He’s getting well again, gardening and driving, and he’s even been working a bit too.

“Macmillan played a part in his recovery so I wanted to find a way to give back to them.

“And I also wanted to do it in honour of Ben, a larger than life character who touched not only my life but the lives of so many others. He lost his own to cancer just before last Christmas and I’m determined to raise as much as I can because I know he wouldn’t expect anything less!”

The Girls Around Town and everyone else at Radio Newark will be rooting for Annie in Tooting. If you want to add your own support, head over to her JustGiving page to read her full story and make a donation.

Every penny – or pound! – pledged will give her yet another reason to push herself to her own outer limits…


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