From paperback to audio book for local writer

beyond this horizonA debut novel by Nottinghamshire-based sculptor and writer David Thompson, published in 2012, has now been released as an audio book.

The 12-CD set is available from Oakhill Publishing and has a running time of 14 hours and 41 minutes.

Also available as an Ebook, Beyond This Horizon is an emotionally charged story which plots the relationships of a 
close-knit group of individuals who irrevocably change one another’s destinies.

Set in the early years of the 20th century, it explores the timeless themes of friendship, art, love, loss and, above all, how the human spirit endures.

With 30 five-star reviews for the paperback version on Amazon, the story of Thomas Arthur Taylor (known to everyone as Tat) is described as ‘a remarkable first novel’ and ‘a compelling portrait of a young man’s journey to adulthood’.

The first 
of his family to spread his wings and leave the Upper Eden Valley in Cumbria, Tat gains a place at University College London, to study law, shortly after the First World War. Introduced to a world he never knew existed, nothing in his background prepares him for what is to come when he is engulfed in a whirlwind of turmoil and confusion…

“Writing this novel has been one of the most exciting and enriching experiences I have had so far,” says David. “Creating the characters and giving them a voice, whilst evoking the world and period in which they live and interact has, for me, been endlessly fascinating. I hope the readers of the novel enjoy a similar experience.”

A sequel to this book, An Inherited Voice, is planned which will take Tat to active service as an army captain, just in time to participate in the bloody battle for Hong Kong and suffer almost four years as a POW under the Japanese.

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