Dispelling the myths of colon hydrotherapy

If you were listening to Girls Around Town this morning, you’ll have heard The Tummy Queen Linda Booth explaining why there’s nothing to fear about colon hydrotherapy.

But sometimes actions speak louder than words…

So here’s Linda putting one of her clients at ease during a treatment at the Nottingham Health & Wellbeing Clinic.

Don’t worry – it’s been watched by over 700,000 people on YouTube and you won’t be seeing anything you might prefer not to!

How to pack like a pro!

With the holiday season upon us, how useful is this?

Too late for Sue, who returns from Venice today, but with less than three weeks to go till her annual trip to Amalfi, this could just be what June needs…

A big thank you to Lisa Newport for sharing it with her Let’s Chat Style Facebook group. The Girls Around Town are already members (of course!) but if you’re a woman who wants to look and feel the business, whether at home or away, why not head over to the page and just click Join for access to lots of other useful style solutions?