Food for thought

Today’s top tips, courtesy of Alison Harris who joined the Girls Around Town last September to share some of her thoughts on the importance of mindset when it comes to nutrition…

In these difficult days, there’s plenty of advice on offer about staying safe but one of the things often overlooked is the need to look after your immune system and, more to the point, how to do it.

Here’s what Alison has to say about some of the vitamins, minerals and foods that can help boost your immune system by providing the nutrients to repair and renew the white blood cells that will help you to get well from any illness, not just this one.

Alison Harris Wellbeing

So, at the time of writing, we are in a health crisis caused by a pandemic. We are having to live very differently, conform to rules that we don’t like but are for the greater good. Lives have been turned upside down, families are separated and jobs and finances have uncertain outcomes. This state of chaos can be scary and unpredictable and it can sometimes feel like we have no control.

And yet, right now. we are being given the opportunity to stop what we’ve been doing and reflect, re-evaluate and reset our priorities, focus on what’s important to us, our loved ones, communities and the world at large. We have the chance to question the old and create the new and help to fix things that are broken.

Albert Einstein is believed to have said that “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again in the same…

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